the mooney

a guy on shapeways asked me to model his airplane for him and i have finally gotten to finish it... well mostly... last night i posted a video to youtube of the completed airplane with a preliminary texture on it...
here is the model as it is now. a little closer to the final product need to work on the windows and the pin striping a little more. i also need to incorporate the logo on the tale and the tail number as well as any other little bits that the client is asking for. the material that is used really shouldn't be used for smaller details but i may try. the propellers and landing gear might be out of reach of the material to print but i will try if the client asks for it.
i really have enjoyed making this model and hopefully there might be others that would like me to do more as well... i might make versions of the osprey, kiowa, huey, and cobra... all aircrft i have worked on... or others that i know about.

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