champ's RING

i have been working on another one of my ideas lately... let me explain.

a few months ago a pal of mine was talking about his 5 and 8 year old sons and how they are playing youth football. apparently they are doing very well and their teams are going to into what amounts to pee-wee super bowl. he said that if they win they would get a ring to commemorate the event, like the adults do. this got me thinking if i could design something to get in on the action. i did a little research and i fount out there are a couple of options but they fit in 1 of 2 catagories- way cheap and way expensive... the cheap 1s give very little in options and customization and the expensive ones give you all the customization in the world but are several hundred dollars... i am in the preliminary design phases but i think that i can give parents and coaches more customization with lower costs. what i have come up with so far are 3 different designs that are examples of what i can do... ultimately i would like to design a widget that walks you through the customization process- all the way up to ordering the ring through shapeways.

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