3d program SHUFFLE

i like BLENDER!

but you are right- it can drive you batty if you let it.

i can tell you why i choose blender though.

it is a one stop shop.
as far as modeling goes- i can model something in blender and export a shapeways ready model straight away. no fuss no muss straight away. but i also like that i can do all of the other artsy stuff that i want in blender too without paying out the nose. for instance i use Max at work and there is a lot of cross over what you can do on each program but at home i do not have the couple of grand it takes to get a license... blender is the closest that i have found that will do the job.

i have also used Lightwave and Autocad in my 3d exploits and in limited amounts Catia, Unagraphics and Deep Exploration and all of the programs have one thing in common- they are expensive...

i did look at 123d and that seems to have a huge upside and could potentially be exactly what you are asking for.

i have never seen groboto but it looks very cool indeed.


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