3d program SHUFFLE

i like BLENDER!

but you are right- it can drive you batty if you let it.

i can tell you why i choose blender though.

it is a one stop shop.
as far as modeling goes- i can model something in blender and export a shapeways ready model straight away. no fuss no muss straight away. but i also like that i can do all of the other artsy stuff that i want in blender too without paying out the nose. for instance i use Max at work and there is a lot of cross over what you can do on each program but at home i do not have the couple of grand it takes to get a license... blender is the closest that i have found that will do the job.

i have also used Lightwave and Autocad in my 3d exploits and in limited amounts Catia, Unagraphics and Deep Exploration and all of the programs have one thing in common- they are expensive...

i did look at 123d and that seems to have a huge upside and could potentially be exactly what you are asking for.

i have never seen groboto but it looks very cool indeed.




i am working on creating a configuration widget for the youth sports rings that i posted earlier so that i can make it easy for people to buy the. i have started a thread on BLENDERARTIST.ORG- a very popular forum among blender artists here


champ's RING

i have been working on another one of my ideas lately... let me explain.

a few months ago a pal of mine was talking about his 5 and 8 year old sons and how they are playing youth football. apparently they are doing very well and their teams are going to into what amounts to pee-wee super bowl. he said that if they win they would get a ring to commemorate the event, like the adults do. this got me thinking if i could design something to get in on the action. i did a little research and i fount out there are a couple of options but they fit in 1 of 2 catagories- way cheap and way expensive... the cheap 1s give very little in options and customization and the expensive ones give you all the customization in the world but are several hundred dollars... i am in the preliminary design phases but i think that i can give parents and coaches more customization with lower costs. what i have come up with so far are 3 different designs that are examples of what i can do... ultimately i would like to design a widget that walks you through the customization process- all the way up to ordering the ring through shapeways.


the mooney

a guy on shapeways asked me to model his airplane for him and i have finally gotten to finish it... well mostly... last night i posted a video to youtube of the completed airplane with a preliminary texture on it...
here is the model as it is now. a little closer to the final product need to work on the windows and the pin striping a little more. i also need to incorporate the logo on the tale and the tail number as well as any other little bits that the client is asking for. the material that is used really shouldn't be used for smaller details but i may try. the propellers and landing gear might be out of reach of the material to print but i will try if the client asks for it.
i really have enjoyed making this model and hopefully there might be others that would like me to do more as well... i might make versions of the osprey, kiowa, huey, and cobra... all aircrft i have worked on... or others that i know about.


Pink shoe diary

here is the next iteration of my shoe...

ion this one i wanted to see how cheap i could make it while still being stylish. as per my market research(my wife) about the highest she will go is $50 for non name brand shoes...

i got all the way down to $27.18 per shoe but that one wasn't that interesting and sexy.

the next one was a little more sexy and taller heel but it still lacked something and was about $7 more then the first.

i uploaded the last one because i thought it was a little more stylish. that style though pushed the price up to about $35.

i think that if i can get more market research and more confidence then i think i can get the design right...

the shoe is here-

shoe diaries

has anyone tried to design and print a pair of shoes?

i am thinking about designing a new line of ladies shoes... manly i know but i was thinking what would sell and sell for a decent price...

i know there are ladies out there that are willing to pay top dollar for designer shoes and i would like to be that designer.

i see a couple of issues though-




i was also thinking about designing a widget around the different available shoes that will show the different styles that are available and could also adjust the size as necessary.

as far as price is concerned- this is dependent on marketability. i am going to shoot for less then $200 a pair but that is going to be really iffy. what makes this interesting is dimensions.

the design is interesting too. it will come down to whether or not i want to augment the style with post production or if i could sell it straight out of shapeways. this comes down to price as well. i could definitely see where i could make more money painting or covering the shoes with fabric or something- this would take more time and experimentation but could reap considerable benefits.

about the durability, i am not sure the specs on the different printed materials as to how they pertain to continuous walking and standing.

i would like to hear from anyone that has tried this designing process or has any other ideas on the subject. i am in the design and experiment stage and any help would be cracker-jack!

my first iteration is HERE 

did a bit of a basic test model and the results were interesting to say the least.

the dimensions of the test were not alarming- basic flat with a slight heal. .8 inch high toe and a 1.5 inch heal. i inserted 2 holes on the side and 1 on the top to thread the ribbon through like a thong. i made it hollow as to conserve volume but i put trusses inside the hollow heal to strength it up.

after designing the shoe i uploaded it to find out what the cost was going to be. for one shoe it is upwards of $100... one curious thing though, the firs time i sent it through it registered at slightly lower then $100. after tweaking the design by decreasing the wall size from 3.5mm to 2mm (still higher then the recommended minimum width) it actually increased the price of the shoe to a couple of bucks more then $100...

if i can figure out several ways of eliminating volume i think that i can hit my goal of making a profitable pair shoe... hopefully i can settle on several so that i can have a configurator widget that people can use to design them.


so as Not to discriminate,




as a reminder for all those that liked the movie"Puss in Boots" i have in my shop 2 separate pendants that have Pussy Cats. here are the videos-aldus the cat  El Gato

come to think of it i got some boots too...big boot small boot


i have just uploaded animations of 2 of my rings. i am trying to generate some interest in my jewelry so that i can get more people to buy them. they are way cool and could go with the upcoming TWILIGHT movie.

let me know what to think about them.skull ring
vampire teeth ring


Post WHAT?


 In the immortal words of Keanu Reves "WHOA"

what a wild ride it has been and...

... and the Fun is just starting. whomever said life is for the living sure was right. i mean if you were dead, What's the point.

stay thirsty my friends.


Should a dive steam in the unlucky volunteer?

ivant to suck your blood... TWILIGHT RING