more to the point...


so this is what my Blog is going to look like...

 as a designer i am kinda miffed. from what i can tell what i have designed is not showing exactly how i wanted it to. the fonts are wonky, one widget is missing
and the other is not quite right. i guess i should feel greatful to even have a BLOG i mean who wouldn't want one.

but that isn't why i have created "CHRIS'S SHOP OF MODELS...BLOG" now is it?
i created it so that i could show off my beautiful 3d designs, so that people will discover my genius and BUY prints of my designs.

and that is what is here... look at the bottom of my blog and you will see the SHAPEWAYS widget that you scroll through and catch the highlights of the previously mentioned BRILLIANT DESIGNS.

so pleas by all means let me know what you think and...
by all means BUY SOMETHING!


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  1. hopefully you can tell that was mostly ramblings...